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KaYak Lift Assist


Finally, an easy way to load your kayak on to your SUV or station wagon’s roof rack by yourself!!!

  • Easily load your kayak onto your roof rack by yourself!
  • Perfect for solo outings, women, seniors, or any kayaker who wants help loading their equipment.
  • Features high quality, durable frame made of fiberglass and high impact plastic.
  • Lift Assist is lightweight and easily collapsible for portability and vehicle storage.
  • Fits most roof rack systems with no modification.

A collapsible device made of durable fiberglass and high impact plastic that simply slides under your existing kayak or luggage rack rear cross bar. Once positioned on your vehicle’s roof, you lift your kayak bow on to the unit, you walk to the stern, lift the stern and simply slide your kayak up and onto your roof rack.

How It Works

1. Assemble

2. Attach

3. Lift

4. Collapse

How It Works

Put together Lift Assist using quick snap buttons.

Position Lift Assist under roof rack cross bar to install.

Balance kayak on Lift Assist and easily slide onto roof rack.

Disassemble Lift Assist and store in mesh travel bag.

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