Installation Instructions


Check with your vehicle or kayak carrier manufacturer to make sure your roof rack is the type that will support your kayak. This kayak lift assist is designed to fit under a rear roof rack cross bar that is positioned 8 - 10 inches forward from the rear of the vehicle.

Product Contents

  • V cradle with right angle end joints.
  • 2 Tubes with snap buttons.
  • 2 Smaller extension tubes.
  • 2 Foam sleeves.
  • Foam blocks.
  • End caps.

Step 1


To assemble the Ka Yak Lift Assist, attach the tubes to the cradle by depressing the snap buttons. Insert each tube into the end joint. Be sure the snap buttons are locked in place.


Step 2


To assemble the extensions, insert each 3/4 inch tube into the open end of each 1 inch tube. Adjust the length of the extension by sliding the smaller tubes in and out of the larger tubes. When the desired length is determined lock the snap buttons in place.

Step 3

To protect your vehicle from getting scratched your Ka Yak Lift Assist comes with two styles of foam blocks: small square and large trapezoid.


  • The smaller square blocks can be used for most vehicles that do not have a rear spoiler or rear roof brake light.
  • Use only the trapazoid shaped blocks if you have a rear spoiler or rear roof brake light that extends past the back of your vehicle.
  • After you determine which foam block is best for your situation slide a block on each tube so it is sitting on the vehicle’s roof about 1 inch in front of the back edge of the vehicle.


Step 4


Make sure the capped tube ends are positioned so the Ka Yak Lift Assist extends at least two inches under and in front of the rear cross bar of the roof rack and the cradle extends (or hangs over) 5 inches past the back edge of the vehicle.

Step 5


Lift one end of the kayak to the Ka Yak Lift Assist cradle. This keeps the kayak from touching your vehicle. Make sure the kayak is stable with the stern (back) located on the ground.

Step 6


While one end of the kayak is stable in the cradle, push the other end of the kayak up and over the Ka Yak Lift Assist cradle and onto your roof rack crossbar and on to your kayak rack.

Step 7

Remove the Ka Yak Lift Assist by lifting the stern (back) of the kayak 2 or 3 inches and gently pull the Ka Yak Lift Assist out from under the rear crossbar of your roof rack.

Step 8

Strap you kayak to the kayak rack as specified by your kayak rack manufacturer.

Step 9

Disassemble the Ka Yak Lift Assist by depressing the snap buttons and pulling the tubes out of the end joints, place all parts into mesh bag for transport and stowing.

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